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Dunash ben Labrat haLevi

Dunash ha-Levi ben Labrat (דוֹנָש הלוי בֵּן לָבְרָט‎; Arabic: دناش بن لبراط‎, b. 920,925 - d. after 985) was a medieval Jewish commentator, poet, and grammarian of the Golden age of Jewish culture in Spain.


דְּרוֹר יִקְרָא | D’ror Yiqra, a piyyut by Dunash ben Labrat haLevi (ca. 10th c.)

Contributed on: 17 Jun 2021 by Sara Lapidot (translation) | Dunash ben Labrat haLevi |

The popular piyyut, D’ror Yiqra, in Hebrew with English translation. . . .

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בסיעתא דארעא