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Eduard Kley

Eduard Israel Kley (June 10, 1789 - October 4, 1867) was a German-Jewish educator and one of the early pioneers of Reform Judaism.


Licht und Wahrheit | Light and Truth, translated by Felix Adler (1868) from a poem by Eduard Kley (1826)

Contributed on: 03 Aug 2022 by Aharon N. Varady (editing/transcription) | Felix Adler | Eduard Kley |

“Licht und Wahrheit (Light and Truth)” is a hymn translated by Felix Adler from Allgemeines Israelitisches Gesangbuch: eingeführt in dem Neuen Israelitischen Tempel zu Hamburg (1833), hymn №125, pp. 155-157, and published in Hymns, for Divine Service in the Temple Emanu-El (1871), hymn №12, pp. 24-25. We have tentatively dated this hymn to 1868, since another hymn by Adler (“School-hymn, no. 36”) can be found appended from another unattributed work in A Guide to Instruction in the Israelitsh Religion (Samuel Adler, trans. M. Mayer, Temple Emanu-El, 1864, 4th printing 1868). The hymn as printed in the Hamburg Temple Hymnal is nine stanzas long. That hymnal credits the hymn as printed in the collected sermons of Eduard Kley, Sammlung der neuesten Predigten (1826) where it appears on pages 49-50 in three stanzas as part of a discourse on Passover. . . .