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Effron Esseiva

Effron Esseiva is part of a renewal ḥavurah on the West Coast of Canada on Bowen Island called Shirat HaYam and is also a member of Or Shalom in Vancouver.

אֵל מָלֵא רַחֲמִים | El Malé Raḥamim (Prayer for the Departed), translated and sung by Effron Esseiva

Contributed on: 13 Jun 2011 by Effron Esseiva |

Almost two years ago my best friend passed away and I had the honour of chanting this malé raḥamim for him. In mid-May this year another friend approached me and said he really liked the way I did it at the time and could I record it for him because he was going to do it too for an unrelated unveiling. So, I recorded it on May 18, 2011. I didn’t compose it. It’s a traditional tune, but it’s my voice and I hope someone else can perhaps learn it with this material. The more resource there are out there through means such as Open Siddur the better we can learn and share. . . .

תפילת העמידה ביום חול | My Weekday Amidah, by Effron Esseiva

Contributed on: 01 Jun 2012 by Effron Esseiva |

This is Effron Esseiva’s morning Amidah (standing prayer) for weekdays. Effron writes, “It’s called Shmonei Esrei (18) because it used to have eighteen brakhot (blessings). However, it has an additional brakha to bring it to nineteen. This is my interpretation of the Teissa Esrei (19) with abridged kavvanot (intentions).” . . .

בסיעתא דארעא