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Emil Gustav Hirsch

Emil Gustav Hirsch (May 22, 1851 – January 7, 1923) was a Luxembourgish-born Jewish American biblical scholar, Reform rabbi, contributing editor to numerous articles of The Jewish Encyclopedia (1906), and founding member of the NAACP.


📖 עלת תמיד (רפורמי) | Dr. David Einhorn’s Olath Tamid: Book of Prayers for Jewish Congregations, translated and adapted by Rabbi Emil G. Hirsch (1896)

Contributed on: 05 Aug 2022 by Emil Gustav Hirsch | David Einhorn |

This is Rabbi Emil Hirsch’s 1896 translation and adaption of Rabbi David Einhorn’s original German volumes of עלת תמיד Olath Tamid. (This edition followed after the first English translation that was published in 1872.) Besides his adapted translation, Hirsch also introduced a number of other changes which he summarized in his preface. . . .