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Enrico Segre (transcription)

Dr. Enrico Segre is a physics researcher at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, and a volunteer transcriber with Project Gutenberg Distributed Proofreaders. He is the author of dpanalyzer, a postprocessing tool used by Project Gutenberg.

📖 Hanna. Gebet- und Andachtsbuch für israelitische Frauen und Mädchen. (Jacob Freund et al, 1867)

Contributed on: 29 Apr 2013 by Jacob Freund | Enrico Segre (transcription) |

After the popular reception among German speaking Jewry of Fanny Neuda’s Stunden Der Andacht (1855), additional sifrei teḥinnot, collections of prayers composed in the vernacular for women, were published in German. One of them, Hanna. Gebet- und Andachtsbuch für israelitische Frauen und Mädchen, published in 1867, was compiled with teḥinnot composed by the leading luminaries of Liberal Judaism in Breslau, Silesia: Jacob Freund (1827-1877), Rabbi Abraham Geiger (1810-1874), and Rabbi Moritz Güdemann (1835-1918), Manuel Joël (1826-1890), and Moritz Abraham Levy (1817-1872). The title of the collection is a direct reference to the biblical figure, Ḥanna whose petitionary prayer for a child was answered with the birth of her son, the prophet Shmuel. . . .

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