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Eva Robbins

Rabbi and cantor Eva Robbins is co-founder of N'vay Shalom with her husband Rabbi Stephen Robbins, on the Faculty of the Academy for Jewish Religion, California, and officiant of lifecycle ceremonies in Los Angeles. She is the author of Spiritual Surgery: A Journey of Healing Mind, Body, and Spirit (about the Mishkan) and is a visiting columnist for the Jewish Journal of Southern California. She is on the Board of the Sandra Caplan Community Beit Din as well as participating in conversion ceremonies and a teacher of Torah and Jewish meditation.


Preparing for the Shema, a responsive reading by Rabbi Cantor Eva Robbins (2015)

Contributed on: 15 Mar 2024 by Eva Robbins |

Originally composed by Rabbi/Cantor Eva Robbins for her ordination at the Academy for Jewish Religion, California, in 2015, this responsive reading is intended to prepare oneself for a deeper connection before chanting the Shema. It can be used alone or in community. . . .

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