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Frederick L. Klein

Fred Klein is Director of Mishkan Miami: The Jewish Connection for Spiritual Support, and serves as Executive Vice President of the Rabbinical Association of Greater Miami. As director of the interdenominational Rabbinical Association of Greater Miami, he provides local spiritual leadership with a voice in communal affairs. Klein is a Miami native and graduated Magna Cum Laude from Brown University with a BA in Religious Studies. He was ordained as a rabbi and holds an MA in Bible from Yeshiva University and an MPhil in Jewish history from Columbia University and was a Wexner Fellow. He is a Board Certified Chaplain and has done clinical rotations at New York Hospital Medical Center of Queens, NY, Jackson Memorial Hospital and VITAS hospice. He is Vice President for the Rabbinic Cabinet of the Jewish Federations of North America, and serves on the Board of the National Association of Jewish Chaplains.

Prayer of the Guest Chaplain of the U.S. House of Representatives: Rabbi Frederick L. Klein on 18 September 2007

Contributed on: 02 Nov 2019 by United States Congressional Record | Frederick L. Klein |

The Opening Prayer given in the U.S. House of Representatives on 18 September 2007. . . .

בסיעתא דארעא