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Gabor Weisz

Gábor Weisz (b.1857 Albertirsa - d. 1943 Pécs) served his community as a teacher and as a herald of youth worship, secretary and deputy rabbi of the Ḥevrah Kadishah (1888–1889, 1914–1920). From his settlement in Pécs he was the secretary of the community (1888–1943). He completed his rabbinical studies in the yeshiva of Hőgyész (Tolna m.), Dr. Ármin Perls in Pécs he continued his education in the theological sciences alongside the chief rabbi. He published Rachel, a prayer book for women (1883) and A Textbook for the History of the Jewish People for Israelite students in folk and civil schools. He was a member of the editorial board of the Jewish Lexicon. He compiled and published a list of his master's literary work, Memory of Ármin Perls, and wrote the history of the community of Pécs: The monograph of the Jewish community of Pécs (1929). In his work Visiting the Jewish Cemetery in Pécs, he remembered the famous personalities resting in the Jewish cemetery.


📖 Rachel: Imák Zsidó Nők Számára, by Gyula Fischer with József Patai (1908)

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A prayerbook for women in Hebrew and Magyar. . . .