Goetzel Selikovitsch

Goetzel (George) Selikovitsch (also, Getsl Zelikovitsh; 1855/1863-1926): A specialist in linguistics and hieroglyphics. Born in Retovo, Kovno (Lithuania), he was known at an early age as a boy wonder in Hebrew and the Talmud. Son of Rabbi David Selikovitsch and Rachel Sundelevitz. Educated in the yeshivot of Karlin, Mir, and Tauroggen. After completing linquistic studies at the École des Hautes Études in Paris in 1884, he went on to become Chief Interpreter to Lord Wolseley in Khartoum and studied languages in Africa and the Middle East. In 1887, he was a lecturer in hieroglyphs and Egyptology at the University of Pennsylvania and the Franklin Institute, Philadelphia. Literary editor of the Ha-Melitz and Ha-Magid for three years; member of Athénée Oriental, Paris. Author: Le Schéol des Hébreux, la division mystique du temps chez les Sémites et les Egyptiens, 1881-1882; Dawn of Egyptian Civilization, 1887; also several Yiddish novels. Contributed numerous articles, poems, and dissertations to Hebrew and English periodicals and to L'Univers and L'lntransigeant.