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Hagit Sabag Yisrael

A social and educational activist residing in Be'er Sheva, Rabbi Ḥagit Sabag Yisrael is part of the faculty of the Jewish Studies department in Ono Academic College. She facilitates study in batei midrash in the Kolot and Bina organizations and has established a number of batei midrash in development towns around Israel. Ḥagit serves as a consultant to different organizations on the topic of Israeli Judaism, provides spiritual guidance for families and individuals, and creates and leads Jewish life cycle ceremonies. She is one of the founders of the Forum for Jewish Renewal in the Negev, which she currently chairs, and is also a member of an inter-religious initiative in the Negev. Ḥagit's research, study and action all aim at the development of a beit midrash language of study which will assist educators and therapists in their work, with regard to psychology and Judaism, Mizraḥi feminism and the development of Jewish life cycle ceremonies.


מי שברך לילדים והוריהם בשלהי שנה ובפתיחה | Mi sheBeraj para los niños y sus padres en el inicio de un nuevo año escolar | Mi sheBerakh for Children and their Parents at the Commencement of the School Year, by Rabbi Hagit Sabag Yisrael (Masorti Movement in Israel)

Contributed on: 03 Sep 2019 by Hagit Sabag Yisrael | Sandra Kochmann (translation) | Masorti Movement in Israel |

A “mi sheberakh” blessing for children and the parents of children returning to school at the beginning of the new school year. . . .

בסיעתא דארעא