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Hester Rothschild (translation)

Hester (also Hesther née Levyson or Leverson) Rothschild (1820 or 1821-1880) was an Anglo-Jewish author, translator, and editor. In 1855, she became the second Jewish woman to have translated a collection of teḥinot into English, after her friend Miriam Wertheimer. Her work, אמרי לב Prayers and Meditation, approved by then chief rabbi Nathan Marcus Adler, contained an abridged translation of the French compilation of teḥinot and paraliturgical prayers אמרי לב Prières d’un Cœur Israelite (1848). She was an intimate friend of the Danish-Jewish writer, Meïr Aron Goldschmidt. Her husband, a diamond merchant, was Lewis Meyer (Benjamin) Rothschild of Denmark.

📖 אמרי לב | Prayers and Meditations, and abridged translation by Hester Rothschild (1855) of a collection of teḥinot and paraliturgial prayers by Rabbi Arnaud Aron & Jonas Ennery (1852)

Contributed on: 25 Apr 2020 by Aharon N. Varady (transcription) | Hester Rothschild (translation) | Arnaud Aron | Jonas Ennery |

This is an abridged translation by Hester Rothschild in 1855 titled אמרי לב Prayers and Meditations, adapted from Prières d’un Cœur Israelite published by the “Société Consistoriale de Bons Livres” (1848). The original work by Rabbi Arnaud Aron and Jonas Ennery contains tkhines translated into French, prayers by German reformers in French translation, and many additional liturgical translations and paraliturgical prayers. Rothschild’s work presents several prayers in English unique to her compilation by Anglo-Jewish writers. This second edition (1859) contains revisions and corrections (“there are some additions and many improvements”). This second edition was also later republished without permission in the United States by Isaac Leeser containing additional corrections. . . .

בסיעתא דארעא