the Hierophant

A hierophant is a person who invites participants in a sacred exercise into the presence of that which is deemed holy. The title, hierophant, originated in Ancient Greece and combines the words φαίνω (phainein, "to show") and ‏τα ειρα (ta hiera, "the holy"); hierophants served as interpreters of sacred mysteries and arcane principles. For the Open Siddur Project, the Hierophant welcomes new contributors and explains our mission: ensuring creatively inspired work intended for communal use is shared freely for creative reuse and redistribution.

מגילה ליום ניקנור | A Reading for Yom Niqanor, the Day of the Elephantarch: II Maccabees, chapters 13-15
ז׳ אדר | Tsa’akah Yokheved, a piyyut attributed to Shmuel Shlomo (before 1050 CE)
אמרי לב | Prières D’un Cœur Israélite, a collection of paraliturgical prayers and teḥinot in French by Jonas Ennery and Rabbi Arnaud Aron (1848)
סדר תפלות כל השנה | The Authorised Daily Prayer Book annotated by Israel Abrahams (1914)
תפילה לפני חלוקת תרופות | Prayer before the dispensation of medication, by Dafna Meir, z”l
STOP ACTA & TPP from Undermining Free Speech on the Internet
תורה, נביאים וכתובים: תּרגום ייִדיש פֿון יהואש | The Yiddish Translation of the TaNaKh by Yehoyesh Shloyme Blumgarten
Public policy, technology, and copyright in Halakha: a sourcesheet
“Ten Commandments of Jewish Social Networking” (Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles 2010)
“Color-Coded Prayerbook Devised by Rabbi” (Springfield Republican, 1972)
Development Status (08/15/2010)
תנ״ך | TaNaKh: the Holy Scriptures: A New Translation (JPS 1917)
Seder Avodat Yisroel, by Isaac Seligman Baer (1868)
Testing Our Transliteration Engine with help from James Strong’s Biblical Hebrew Dictionary
Culmus Project’s Ancient Semitic Scripts Fonts Now Licensed GPL with “font exception”
Development Status (2010-02-15)
“Taking Prayer Into Their Own Hands” (The Jewish Week 2010)
“Prayer Unbound” (Hadara Graubart, Tablet Magazine 2009)
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Development Status (9/22/2009)
Development Status (8/23/2009)
“Prayer a la Carte” (Haaretz 2009)

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