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J. Lehrberger & Company (Druck und Verlag, Rödelheim)

The esteemed J. Lehrberger & Company (Druck und Verlag, Rödelheim), was the successor to the press of Wolf ben Samson Heidenheim (1757-1832). After Heidenheim's death, the press was operated by Heidenheim's partner Israel Lehrberger, a member of the Rödelheim Jewish community board who held numerous other honorary positions. After Israel's death in 1842, the publishing house continued under the direction of his sons Meyer (Mošeh) and Isaac Lehrberger. After Isaac's death in 1881, his son Siegried joined the company but soon separated from his uncle Meyer's operation. After this, the press was divided between M. Lehrberger & Co. and S. Lehrberger & Co. Felix Kauffmann, a bookseller, bought Meyer's company in 1901 and Siegfried's in 1912, after which the press was reunited under the name M. Lehrberger & Co. (adapted by Aharon Varady from details in an article in the magazine Der Israelit from 26 January 1922 [in German])


📖 סדר תחנות ובקשות | Seder Teḥinot u’Baqashot (Rödelheim 1891)

Contributed on: 06 Sep 2020 by J. Lehrberger & Company (Druck und Verlag, Rödelheim) |

An authoritative edition of the Seder Teḥinot (Seyder Tkhines) from the esteemed Rödelheim publishing house. . . .