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Jewish Language Project

The Jewish Language Project, an initiative of HUC-JIR, promotes research on, awareness about, and engagement surrounding the many languages spoken and written by Jews throughout history and around the world. They accomplish this by recording interviews and songs by native speakers, sharing unique content on social media, and producing high-quality online events that both teach about and celebrate Jewish languages. They convene the Jewish Language Consortium, a group of ten partner organizations with the shared mission of Jewish language preservation and education.


पुरीमचे किर्तन | Purim Kirtan, a traditional song of the Bene Israel of India

Contributed on: 21 Mar 2024 by Jewish Language Project | Unknown Author(s) |

“Purim Kirtan” is a traditional Purim song of the Bene Israel community of Mumbai, India. Many thanks to our friends at the Jewish Language Project and to their team member Jacob Kohn for recording, transcribing, and translating the song as sung by Rivkah Moshe. . . .

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