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Lauren Weiss

Lauren Weiss is a lobbyist for an association of family planning health centers.

📖 כׇּל יֹשְׁבֵי תֵבֵל | Kol Yoshvei Tevel: the L&L Wedding Bentsher, by Lara Chausow and Lauren Weiss (2018)

Contributed on: 05 Sep 2018 by Lauren Weiss | Lara Chausow |

This is a bentsher that my wife and I made for our same-sex wedding, designed by Hillel Smith, based on a base text by José and Josh Portuondo-Dember. It is: fully egalitarian, has full transliteration, has non-gendered language for G-d, and has full option of wife/husband/spouse pairings for sheva brachot. The PDF attached is for anyone to use (it has a couple of errors, sorry about that), and if you want, you can download the Adobe InDesign file to edit and create your own bentsher! . . .

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