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Louis Stern

Rabbi Louis Stern (1847-1920 from Landkreis Kassel, Hessen, Germany served as the first rabbi of Washington Hebrew Congregation in D.C. He came to Washington Hebrew in 1872 as “Chazen and Leader in Hebrew and Jewish Religion.” He guided the Congregation through the construction of its first building in 1897, the acquisition of a cemetery, and the development of Reform liturgy and rituals.

📖 The Jewish Home Prayer-Book: A Manual of Household Devotion (Committee of the Jewish Ministers’ Association, 1887)

Contributed on: 24 Apr 2023 by Frederick de Sola Mendes | Gustav Gottheil | Alexander Kohut | Louis Stern | Henrietta Szold | Benjamin Szold | Marcus Jastrow |

A prayerbook containing prayers for private and family use in the home, in vernacular English, expanding upon a prayerbook intended for the same purpose but in German by Benjamin Szold and Marcus Jastrow. . . .

בסיעתא דארעא