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Maia Brown

Maia Brown (she/her) is a Yiddish musician and educator on unceded Duwamish, Coast Salish land in Seattle, Washington with a background in history and fine art. One member of the anti-facist Yiddish trio, Brivele and elementary art teacher, Maia wears different hats as a cultural worker and organizer in communities combining research, direct action, art, education, and celebration in the work of getting free.

Al Ḥeyt, a paraliturgical translation by Shelby Handler & Maia Brown

Contributed on: 24 Sep 2020 by Shelby Handler | Maia Brown |

This prayer is not a comprehensive list of every single sin we sinned, every error we erred, every mark we missed. The original Al Ḥeyt is intended to show us the roots of all failures, to dig beneath how we harm, to see where that hurt came from. We follow these trails together, not absolved from our own repairs, but never alone in struggles to uproot, to propagate new ways of being ourselves, new ways of being ourselves, of being together. . . .