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Meir ben Barukh of Rothenburg

Meir of Rothenburg (c. 1215 – 2 May 1293) was a German Rabbi and poet, as well as a major contributing author of the tosafot on Rashi's commentary on the Talmud. He is also known as Meir ben Baruch (Hebrew: מאיר ב"ר ברוך‎), and by the Hebrew language acronym Maharam of Rothenburg ("Our Teacher, Rabbi Meir", Hebrew: מהר"ם מרוטנבורג‎). He was referred to by Rabbi Menachem Meiri as the "greatest Jewish leader of Tsarfat (Medieval Hebrew for France, a reference to Charlemagne's rule of Germany)" alive at the time.


Prayer for Dwelling in the Sukkah of the Leviyatan, as taught in the name of Rabbi Meir of Rothenburg (ca. 13th c.)

Contributed on: 26 Sep 2023 by Aharon N. Varady (transcription) | Aharon N. Varady (translation) | Meir ben Barukh of Rothenburg |

This formula for recitation in the Sukkah at the conclusion of Sukkot (on the night of Shemini Atseret) is given in the name of Rabbi Meir of Rothenburg (1215-1293) and found in two sources: Siman 148 of the Teshuvot of Shimshon bar Tsadoq (a/k/a the Tashbets), and Siman 71.50 of the Sefer Kol Bo. . . .

שַׁאֲלִי שְׂרוּפָה בָּאֵשׁ | Sha’ali Serufah ba-Esh (Question, Burnt in the Fire), a Ḳinah for Tishah b’Av, translated by Gershom Scholem

Contributed on: 20 Jul 2020 by Isaac Gantwerk Mayer (transcription & naqdanut) | Paula Schwebel (translation) | Gershom Scholem (translation) | Meir ben Barukh of Rothenburg |

A translation in German and English of the ḳinnah “Sha’ali Serufah ba-Esh.” . . .

בסיעתא דארעא