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Menaḥem ibn Saruq

Menaḥem ibn Saruq (also known as Menahem ben Jacob ibn Saruq, מנחם בן סרוק, ca.920-ca.970‎) was a Tortosa born Spanish-Jewish philologist of the tenth century CE. He was a skilled poet and polyglot. Menaḥem produced an early dictionary of the Hebrew language. For a time he was the assistant of the great Jewish statesman Ḥasdai ibn Shaprut, and was involved in both literary and diplomatic matters; his dispute with Dunash ben Labrat, however, led to his downfall.


מַה יְּדִידוּת מְנוּחָתֵךְ | Mah Yedidut M’nuḥatekh, attributed to Menaḥem ibn Saruq (ca. 10th c.)

Contributed on: 30 Jun 2021 by Honi Sanders (translation) | Menaḥem ibn Saruq |

The popular table song for Shabbat. . . .

בסיעתא דארעא