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Michal Talya

Michal Talya (מיכל טל-יה) is a musical artist, psychologist, and liturgist living in Jerusalem.


בִּרְכָּת אַהֲבַה | Ahavah Rabbah, by Michal Talya

Contributed on: 07 Mar 2020 by Avraham Leader (translation) | Michal Talya |

The blessing recited prior to the Shema, in the wording of Michal Talya. . . .

וידוי הגדול | Vidui HaGadol: The Great Confession, an Al Ḥeyt litany by Michal Talya

Contributed on: 22 Nov 2018 by Michal Talya | Avraham Leader (translation) |

This vidui (confession), based on the traditional pattern of Yom Kipur confession, was written around 2011by Michal Talya and is used by several liberal communities in Israel. . . .

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