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Mohammed Dajani (translation)

Mohammed S. Dajani Daoudi (Arabic: محمد الدجاني الداودي; born March 19, 1946) is a Palestinian professor and peace activist. Dajani gained international recognition for his work in helping to raise awareness concerning the Holocaust through a variety of media. Dajani has also been active in forming relationships with Jewish and Christian religious leaders and peace activists to spread the Wasatia message of understanding, tolerance, coexistence and brotherhood. Dajani is tackling the ideological roots of extremism. In 2014, he became the center of a controversy when he led a group of students from Al-Quds University to Auschwitz.


סתיו הנחל יסודי | A Kavvanah for Teaching Children, by Eli Steier

Contributed on: 27 Aug 2013 by Mohammed Dajani (translation) | Eli Steier |

I wrote this kavvanah [around 2010]. At that time I lived in Ithaca, NY. I was a substitute teacher in the Ithaca Central School District. There was a community event at Fall Creek Elementary school, and the way families, faculty, students, and people from the area came together inspired the poem. . . .