Rabbi Moritz Mayer, born 1821 in Dürckheim-on-the-Haardt, Germany, fled to the United States and to New York as a political refugee of the 1848 revolution. In 1856, after a five year stint as a rabbi in Charleston, South Carolina, he returned in poor health to New York where he contributed frequently to the Jewish press, and translated various German works into English: Rabbi Samuel Adler's catechism, Abraham Geiger's lectures on Jewish history, and Ludwig Philipson's pamphlet, Haben die Juden Jesum Gekreuzigt? (the Crucifixion from the Jewish Point of View), et al. In 1866, he published an english translation of Fanny Neuda's Stunden Der Andacht. The following year, Moritz Mayer passed away. He was 45 years old.

Gebet für Eltern | Prayer for [Sick] Parents, by Fanny Neuda (1855)
In Kinderloser Ehe | [Prayer for a Woman] In a Childless Marriage, by Fanny Neuda (1855)
Gebet im Monate Elul | Prayer for the Month of Elul, by Fanny Schmiedl Neuda (1855)
[Gebet] Am Thora-Freudenfest | [A prayer] on Simḥat Torah, by Fanny Neuda (1855)
[Gebet] Am Neumonde | Prayer for the Day of New Moon, by Fanny Schmiedl-Neuda (1855)
Hours of Devotion: a collection of teḥinot compiled by Rabbi Moritz Mayer (1866)

בסיעתא דארעא