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Moses Romm

Moses Romm (1897-1976) was one of South Africa's leading Torah scholars, with rabbinic ordination from his native Lithuania, a law degree from Syracuse University, and a Ph.D. from Columbia. A native of Rakow, Poland, he served as a rabbi in Syracuse, Brooklyn, and Minneapolis before moving to South Africa in 1932, In the 1930s and '40s, before moving to Johannesburg where he served as chief rabbi of Bloemfontein, capital of the former Boer republic of the Orange Free State. He continued serving several other South African congregations until his death. He was the first to translate a siddur into Afrikaans.

📖 סידור שלם לכל תפלות השבת (אשכנז) | Volledige Sidoer vir die Sabbat, by Rabbi Dr. Moses Romm (1952)

Contributed on: 12 Dec 2022 by Aharon N. Varady (digital imaging and document preparation) | Moses Romm |

סידור שלם לכל תפלות השבת Volledige Sidoer vir die Sabbat (1952) was prepared by Rabbi Dr. Moses Romm (1897-1976) and presents the first ever translation of Jewish liturgy into Afrikaans (as far as we know). . . .

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