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Moshe Shmi'el Dascola

Moshe Shmie'el Dascola was a scribe of the 14th and early 15th centuries. We are indebted to him for preserving the medieval Megillat Yehudit.

💬 מְגִילַּת יְהוּדִית לְאָמְרָהּ בַּחֲנֻכָּה | Megillat Yehudit, the Medieval Scroll of Judith to be said on Ḥanukkah

Contributed on: 03 Aug 2016 by Aharon N. Varady (transcription) | Isaac Gantwerk Mayer (transcription & naqdanut) | Susan Weingarten (translation) | Moshe Shmi'el Dascola | Unknown Author(s) |

This is a faithful transcription of the text of the medieval Megillat Yehudith (the Scroll of Judith), not to be confused with the deutero-canonical Book of Judith, authored in Antiquity. We have further set this text side-by-side with the English translation made by Susan Weingarten, and vocalized and cantillated the Hebrew so that it may be chanted. . . .

בסיעתא דארעא