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Naomi Socher-Lerner

Naomi Socher-Lerner is a librarian and knowledge-seeker. She is a volunteer reader for the Public Domain LibriVox Recordings project and serves on the working group for Heymish Philly. She lives in Philadelphia with her spouse Beverly and enjoys slacklining, quilting, ancient philosophy, woodworking, making music, and reading.


Fully Egalitarian Ketubah from Naomi & Beverly Socher-Lerner’s Wedding

Contributed on: 21 Jul 2013 by Beverly Socher-Lerner | Naomi Socher-Lerner | Shlomit Nulman |

This completely egalitarian ketubah uses nedarim, vows before God which bear the full weight of Jewish law, as the central act of marriage, and uses the rings as symbols of those vows. It also details the steps which would be necessary to dissolve those nedarim, an important and integral part of the ketubah. The Hebrew is written in the feminine plural and should be adjusted if the text is used for different gender combinations. . . .

וִדּוּי | Vidui (confession), translated by Naomi Socher-Lerner

Contributed on: 09 Oct 2019 by Unknown Author(s) | Naomi Socher-Lerner |

The Yom Kippur vidui — confession — translated by Naomi Socher-Lerner. . . .