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Rasheed Agbaria (translation)

Rasheed Agbaria is a Haifa-based writer, translator, and software engineer. His three published works, so far, are הזר ברחוב צהיון (סיפורת), חלום ליל פחד, and שירה לא תזרח השמש, רומן. He is also the author of the "10 Commandments of Rasheed Aqbaria" (on Facebook).

תְּפִלָּה יְהוּדִית לְיוֹם הַנַּכְּבָּה | A Jewish Prayer for Nakba Day (يوم النكبة), by Sarah M.

Contributed on: 09 May 2014 by Sarah M. | Rasheed Agbaria (translation) |

A Jewish prayer for Nakba Day, as commemorated on May 15th in the civil calendar of the Dawlat Filasṭīn. . . .

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