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Raysh Weiss

Rabbi Raysh Weiss PhD is the Rabbi of Congregation Beth El of Bucks County and is married to fellow rabbi and musician Jonah Rank, and they enjoy davening and dreaming with their two extraordinary kids.

אחות קטנה במאה ה -21 | A 21st century “Aḥot Ḳetanah” (Little Sister), by Rabbi Dr. Raysh Weiss

Contributed on: 02 Oct 2019 by Raysh Weiss | Gabbai Seth Fishman (translation) |

A 21st century recasting of the iconic 13th century Spanish mystical Rosh haShanah piyyut. . . .

שטרות לקישור נפשות | Documents for a Marriage from One Soulmate to Another by Raysh Weiss and Jonah Rank

Contributed on: 17 Jul 2014 by Jonah Rank | Raysh Weiss |

If one were to accept that a kosher Jewish wedding needs some element of what the Mishnah calls “acquisition” (and, more or less, we accepted this to be the case), any wedding must be conscientious in rethinking the following questions: What exactly is “acquisition” in the Mishnah’s eyes? And, if “acquisition” is inherently offensive to our sensibilities, how can we lessen the role that “acquisition” plays in a kosher wedding? . . .

Gender Neutralizing Ketubbah with Instructions by Jonah Rank and Raysh Weiss

Contributed on: 15 Dec 2013 by Jonah Rank | Raysh Weiss |

On [day of the week] of the [day of the month] of the month of [month] in the year [year], as we count here in [location], behold, the soul of [name of one member of the couple] and the soul of [name of the other member of the couple] wrote one to the other in documents indicating that the entirety of each soul is consecrated one to the other in accordance with the law of Moses and Israel. They both shall serve, cherish, sustain, and support one another, in accordance with the laws of the Jews. Behold, all that which is written above has been accepted upon these two souls in the valid manner of interconnecting souls. All of the above is in proper, good standing. . . .

Our Liberation Will Not Be Live-streamed, by Rabbi Raysh Weiss (2020)

Contributed on: 16 Dec 2020 by Raysh Weiss |

Modeled after Gil Scott Heron’s “The Revolution Will Not be Televised,” written for Passover during the pandemic (April 2020). . . .

שבע ברכות לנפשות קשורות | Seven Blessings For Interlinking Souls, by Rabbi Dr. Raysh Weiss and Rabbi Jonah Rank

Contributed on: 01 Sep 2015 by Raysh Weiss | Jonah Rank |

When Jonah Rank and Raysh Weiss intended to finalize the words of the “Seven Blessings” (Sheva Berakhot, שֶֽׁבַע בְּרָכוֹת) that their friends and family members would offer them on their big day, they attempted to preserve the most widespread Ashkenazic version of these seven nuptial blessings with which their Jewish marital status would be effected. However, they attempted to avoid phrases that would limit the gender or sex of the blessings’ referents. Additionally, they sought to ensure that their blessings focused on the happiness of the occasion at hand. . . .

בסיעתא דארעא