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Refael Antebi Tabbush

Ḥakham Raphael Antebi Tabbush of Aleppo (d. 1918) was an outstanding composer of pizmonim. He was the son of Hakham Yisshaq Antebi and a rabbi who composed more than 400 pizmonim, and also restored those that had been lost. He rejuvenated the use of pizmonim in the Syrian Jewish communities. All of Hakham Tabbush’s pizmonim were incorporated into a book published in Jerusalem in 1905 by R’ Raphael Haim Cohen. This work was reprinted with further additions in 1921 and was called Shir Ushbaḥa. He is the teacher of Hakham Moshe Ashear, Murad Harari, Afrir Cohen, Eliahou Hamaoui, among others. Towards the end of Hakham Tabbush’s life he moved to Egypt. He passed away in Cairo, Egypt in 3 Kislev, December 1918.


רְפָא צִירִי | Refa Tsiri, a piyyut for healing by Rabbi Refael Antebi Tabbush (ca. late 19th c.)

Contributed on: 19 Jun 2021 by Sara Lapidot (translation) | Refael Antebi Tabbush |

The piyyut, Refa Tsiri, in Hebrew with an English translation. . . .

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בסיעתא דארעא