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Roy Kotansky (translation)

Roy D. Kotansky is a scholar and notable author of works in the Classics and in Biblical Studies. He was the recipient of the Noyes-Cutter Greek prize University of Chicago in 1980, and a fellow in Antiquities at the Jean Paul Getty Museum, 1983-1984.


אסו ית ארסינואי | Two healing prayers for Arsinoë’s recovery (Amulets 80.AM.55.1 & 80.AM.55.2, J. Paul Getty Museum)

Contributed on: 13 Jul 2021 by Aharon N. Varady (editing/transcription) | Roy Kotansky (translation) | Unknown Author(s) |

Healing prayers written on a pair of amulets for the recovery of a woman named Arsinoë . . .

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בסיעתא דארעא