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Sarah Groner

Sarah Groner is an Israel Program Associate with J Street with experience in resource development and community social work. Sarah has a breadth of knowledge in the Israeli nonprofit community and an international perspective in resource development. Sarah has worked and volunteered for various Israeli nonprofit organizations, including Tebeka, HIAS, Ofek Liyladenu, Maagalei Tzedek and Mesila. Originally from the United States, Sarah moved to Israel in 2005 and has since completed her Bachelors degree in Social Work at Bar Ilan University.


תפילה לפני קידושין | Prayer before Kiddushin for Couples, by Sarah Groner

Contributed on: 04 Feb 2020 by Sarah Groner |

This prayer is based on the personal prayer said on holidays before Torah reading. The grammar has been adapted as plural rather than singular, so that the couple says the prayer together before their ritual of Kiddushin (betrothal). . . .