Sarah Rivka Raḥel Leah Horowitz, was a descendant of a family that had distinguished rabbis and scholars in its ranks for centuries. Her father, Ya‘akov ben Me’ir Horovitz (1680–1755), was the rabbi of Bolechów and later of Brody, where he was also a member of the elite kloyz (circle) of scholar-mystics. Three of Leah’s five brothers also functioned as rabbis. While living as a young married woman in her brother’s household in Bolechów—he had succeeded his father as rabbi—Leah gained a considerable and an unusual, for a woman, reputation as a learned scholar among her contemporaries. The memoirist Ber Birkenthal (Ber of Bolechów) recounted how Horovitz regularly helped him with difficult Talmudic problems as he awaited his lessons with her brother. Leah was married twice, first to Aryeh Leib, son of the rabbi of Dobromil, and then to Shabetai ben Binyamin Rapoport, the rabbi of Krasny. (from her article in the YIVO Encyclopedia)