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Shimon ibn Lavi

Shimon ibn Lavi (שמעון אבן לביא‎, 1486–1585) was a Sephardi Ḥakham, kabbalist, physician, astronomer, and poet. He is credited with the founding of religious institutions and the revival of Torah study in Tripoli, Libya, in the mid-sixteenth century, where he served as spiritual leader and dayan (rabbinical court judge) for more than three decades. He authored a commentary on the Zohar titled Ketem Paz and the piyyut, "Bar Yoḥai", a kabbalistic hymn which became widely popular in the Jewish world. Libyan Jews consider him their greatest scholar.


בַּר־יוֹחַאי | Bar Yoḥai, a pizmon by Shimon ibn Lavi (ca. 16th c.)

Contributed on: 17 Jun 2021 by Akiva Sanders (translation) | Shimon ibn Lavi |

A pizmon and table song sung on Shabbat and on Lag ba-Omer with English translation. . . .