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Shira Levine

Born in Jerusalem, Shira Levine and her family are now part of the pluralistic community living at Kibbutz Hanaton. Shira grew up in a Conservative congregation in Jerusalem and was active in the Noam youth movement and Ramah summer camps. After her army service she went on Shlichut to the Jewish community in Melbourne, Australia. She is an attorney, a graduate of the Law Faculty of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and holds a graduate degree in Talmud and Gender Studies from the Solomon Schechter Institute of Jewish Studies. She has combined her legal work with widespread communal activity at the Tel Aviv Beit Tefilah Israeli, as well as for the Hanaton community. She leads lifecycle events and teaches and facilitates informal Jewish education programs at the Hanaton Educational Center, as well as at summer camps.


תפילה לשלום | صلاه لاجل السلام | A prayer for Peace (רוח גלילית Spirit of Galilee, 29 April 2024)

Contributed on: 01 May 2024 by Noa Mazor | Shira Levine |

This prayer for peace was written on 29 April 2024, at the end of Passover, by Rabbi Shira Levine as part of an ecumenical assembly, the “Spirit of Galilee.” The Arabic translation was made by Malek Hujerat. . . .