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Shmuel haShlishi ben Hoshana

Shmuel haShlishi ben Hoshana (also, Shemuel or Samuel the Third; fl. 10th century) was a paytan and the head of the Bet Din in Damascus. He served in a Sanhedrin then centered in Jerusalem where he rose to the rank of Gaon (thus "Hashlishi"). His works are primarily known from the Cairo Geniza.

שִׁמְעוּ אֹֽמֶר בֵּאוּר מִשְׂגַּבְכֶם | Shim’u Omer Be’ur Misgavkhem, an ofan for Shabbat Matot-Mas’ei by Rav Shmu’el haShlishi (ca. 10th c.)

Contributed on: 17 Mar 2022 by Jonah Rank | Shmuel haShlishi ben Hoshana |

An ofan (a yotser piyyut for the qedushah) on the Shabbat upon which Parashat Matot-Mas’ei is read, by the paytan Rav Shemu’el HaShelishi. . . .

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