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Simchah Roth

Simchah Roth (d. 2012) was an Israeli rabbi and scholar who edited the first prayer book of the Masorti movement in Israel, Siddur Va'ani Tefillati (2012).


תפלת מי שברך לעת מלחמה מרחשוון תשפ״ד | Mi sheBerakh prayer for Israel at a time of War (Marḥeshvan 5784), by the Masorti Movement in Israel (2023)

Contributed on: 28 Oct 2023 by Aharon N. Varady (transcription) | Ze'ev Kainan | Simchah Roth | Masorti Movement in Israel | Knesset haRabanim b'Yisrael |

“Prayer at a time of war (Marḥeshvan 5784)” was offered by The Masorti Movement In Israel-התנועה המסורתית בישראל and the כנסת הרבנים בישראל for use by congregations worldwide. Originally written by Rabbi Simcha Roth ז״ל, it was adapted by Ze’ev Kainan to suit the current horrors committed by Hamas. . . .

בסיעתא דארעא