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Solomon Mordecai Ximenes

Solomon Mordecai Ximenes (d. 1825) was a British-Sefaradi rabbi. He hebraized his name to 'Ish Yemeni.' Ximenes' antecedents are unknown, but from 1769 to 1770 he served as the last Ḥakham of the Sefaradi community of Hamburg, succeeding Jacob Bassan. Later he entered the service of the London Sefaradi community as a teacher and member of its bet din and gave expert evidence of Jewish marriage law in lawsuits in 1793 and 1798. He was active in Freemasonry.

סדור התפלות (ספרד)‏ | Seder haTefilot: The Order of the Daily Prayers in Hebrew and English According to the Custom of the Spanish & Portuguese Jews, compiled and translated by David Levi (2nd ed. 1810)

Contributed on: 10 May 2021 by Solomon Mordecai Ximenes | David Levi (translation) |

One of the earliest bilingual Hebrew-English prayerbooks compiled for Spanish & Portuguese Jews in the British Empire. . . .

בסיעתא דארעא