צבי אלימלך שפירא

Rabbi Tzvi Elimelech Shapira of Dinov (c. 1783 – 1841), also called בני יששכר "the Bnei Yisaschar" after his popular work, was a student of the Seer of Lublin, and the founder of the Ḥassidic dynasty of Dinov.


כוונה בהדלקת נר חנוכּה | Kavvanah for the Mitsvah of Kindling the Ḥanukkah Lights by Rebbe Tsvi Elimelekh Spira of Dinov (trans. Moreh Yehudis Fishman)

Contributed on: כ״ה בכסלו ה׳תשע״ג (2012-12-08) by Yehudis Fishman | צבי אלימלך שפירא |

For the purpose of the unification of the Holy One and His divine (feminine) Presence, with trepidation and love and love and trepidation, to unify the name Yud-Kay with Vav-Kay (the four letters of the Tetragrammaton) with a complete unity in the name of all Israel, behold I intend in the lighting of the Hanukkah candle to fulfill the command of my Creator as our wise men of blessed memory have commanded us to repair her root in a supernal abode. . . .