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Women of Miẓpah

Founded in 1919, Women of Miẓpah was the sisterhood organization of Temple Mizpah, the first Reform congregation in Rogers Park, Chicago, Illinois, led by Angie Irma Cohon. (Her husband, Rabbi Samuel S. Cohon, was the spiritual leader of the Temple.) The name is derived from the place name given in Genesis 31 in the context of Yaaqov leaving the settlement of Lavan, with Lavan recognizing the independence of his daughters in Genesis 31:43. Other Jewish women's sisterhoods have used this name including at Hebrew Union College, in Cincinnati, Ohio.

📖 תפלת ישראל | Tefilat Yisrael: A Brief Jewish Ritual (Women of Miẓpah 1921)

Contributed on: 24 Jun 2022 by Aharon N. Varady (digital imaging and document preparation) | Angie Irma Cohon | Women of Miẓpah |

A small work of Jewish prayer intended for Jewish women published by the sisterhood of Temple Miẓpah in Chicago. . . .