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Yosef Yosḳe of Dubno

Yosef Yaaḳov (Yosḳe) Sabatka (Hebrew: הרב יוסף יאסקי) was a Torah scholar, moralist and ḳabbalist; he is often referred to as "Yosef Yosḳe of Dubno" (or "Joseph ben Judah Jeidel"). He was born in Lublin in 1659, son of the Av Beit Din and ḳabbalist, Yehuda Yudel of Kovel. He was known for his piety, and served as rabbi for the region of Minsk, and later, in 1698, became Av Beit Din of Dubno; he died there in 1702. His primary work, Yesod Yosef was eventually published in 1785. Amongst his students was Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch Kaidanover, author of Kav ha-Yashar (1705).


תפילה הנשיא | Yehi Ratson for the first twelve days of the month of Nisan, by Rabbi Yosef Yaakov Sabatka of Dubno (ca. late 17th c.)

Contributed on: 13 Apr 2024 by Yehudis Fishman | Yosef Yosḳe of Dubno |

During the first twelve days of Nissan, there is a custom to read the portions about the twelve tribal princes who brought offerings and gifts to the holy Sanctuary. Miraculously without consulting with each other, they each brought the same gifts, but with different intentions. When we read these offerings followed by this prayer, our souls can connect to these tribes, even though we may not descend from these tribes directly (genealogically-speaking). . . .