Ze'ev Kainan

Ze'ev is the coordinator of the Elul program and manages and supervises every element of the month-long seminar for rabbinical students from the United States. Before arriving in Hanaton, Ze'ev was the CEO of Keren Malki - an Israeli nonprofit organization that assists families of children with special needs, and the director of education and special projects in the Hatikvati network. Ze'ev worked for years with youth and was a delegate to the Ramah camps (California, Canada, Poconos, and the Rama Seminary in Israel) as well as other JCC camps. From 1997 to 2000, he served as a central emissary for the USY movement in North America, on behalf of the Jewish Agency. He later served as the director of the youth movement of the Masorti Movement in Israel for seven years and is also the editor of the siddur "Ani Tefilati - Siddur Yisraeli" and the "Poteach Sha'ar" Machzor for the High Holidays of the Masorti Movement. Ze'ev was born and raised in the religious kibbutz of Sa'ad in the northern Negev, three kilometers east of Gaza City and now lives in Jerusalem with his wife, Dr. Lisa Keinan and their three children - all graduates of Noam.