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טראָפּ | Ta’amei Hamiqra (cantillation) for Megillat Esther



For aspiring ba’al qoreh (readers) of Megillat Esther studying its various styles of cantillation (Hebrew, ta’amei hamiqra or in Yiddish, טראָפּ trōp), a fair number of recordings are popping up online, but only one so far is being shared with a free/libre, copyleft license thanks to Gabriel Seed, lead developer of zemirotdatabase.org. The audio file is free to redistribute and remix under the CC BY-SA license. We’re honored to share Gabriel’s recording of a zarqa table for Megillat Esther read in the Nusaḥ Ashkenaz style.

If you are familiar with other traditional styles of cantillation (Nusah Safaradi, Roma, Temani, etc.) please contribute your own recording of the trōp read for Megillat Esther.







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