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מגילת קהלת | Megillat Qohelet (Ecclesiastes): Chantable English translation with trōp, by Len Fellman


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This is an English translation of Megillat Qohelet, (Kohelet/Ecclesiastes), transtropilized (a term coined by Len Fellman to describe texts where the Masoretic cantillation has been applied to the translation). The translation provided here is based on the translations by H.L.Ginsberg, Stone Ed. Tanach, Jerusalem Bible, New King James Bible, and the JPS Tanach (both 1917 & 1999). It is chanted by Len Fellman according to the melodies of Portnoy & Wolff.





Please visit the Internet Archive for audio recordings of Len Fellman chanting Megillat Qohelet, in English and Hebrew.

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