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תהלים צ״ג | The Psalm for Friday, Psalms 93 (translation by Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, z”l)

This psalm was the Friday song of the Levites in the Holy Temple.
Source (Hebrew) Translation (English)

א יְהוָ֣ה מָלָךְ֮ גֵּא֪וּת לָ֫בֵ֥שׁ
לָבֵ֣שׁ יְ֭הוָה
עֹ֣ז הִתְאַזָּ֑ר
אַף־תִּכּ֥וֹן תֵּ֝בֵ֗ל
ב נָכ֣וֹן
מֵֽעוֹלָ֣ם אָֽתָּה׃
1 Yah, You ruled, robed in dignity.
Donning intensity,
Girded with strength,
Even the cosmos you arrayed
That it not falter.
2 Your Throne
Is prepared from the farthest past.
You have been before
There was a world.

ג נָשְׂא֤וּ נְהָר֨וֹת ׀ יְֽהוָ֗ה
נָשְׂא֣וּ נְהָר֣וֹת קוֹלָ֑ם
יִשְׂא֖וּ נְהָר֣וֹת דָּכְיָֽם׃
ד מִקֹּל֨וֹת ׀ מַ֤יִם רַבִּ֗ים אַדִּירִ֣ים מִשְׁבְּרֵי־יָ֑ם
אַדִּ֖יר בַּמָּר֣וֹם יְהוָֽה׃
ה עֵֽדֹתֶ֨יךָ ׀
נֶאֶמְנ֬וּ מְאֹ֗ד
לְבֵיתְךָ֥ נַאֲוָה־קֹ֑דֶשׁ יְ֝הוָ֗ה
לְאֹ֣רֶךְ יָמִֽים׃
3 The currents raise their roar,
The rivers raise the spumes,
The mighty torrents’ thunder.
4 The thunder of the ocean’s breakers: All exclaim,
‘Most powerful are You, Yah!’
5 Oh, Yah! Your creation
witnesses You well.
Of sacred beauty is Your house–
Through all of time.

Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, z”l, included his translation of the Psalm of the Day for Friday (Psalms 93) in his Siddur Tehillat Hashem Yidaber Pi (2009). To the best of my ability, I have set his translation side-by-side with a transcription of the vocalized text of the Psalm. –Aharon N. Varady

The association of particular psalms sung by Levites in the Temple for each day of the week is first attested in Mishnah Tamid 4.7.






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