A Partial Torah Reading for Parashat Noaḥ (Genesis 8:20-9:3 & Genesis 11): Chantable English translation with trope, by Len Fellman

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This is an English translation of Genesis 8:20-9:3 and Genesis 11, a large portion of the Torah reading for Parashat Noaḥ, transtropilized. (Transtropilation is the term coined by Len Fellman to describe the process of translating from cantillated Hebrew, as closely as possible, “word for word and trope for trope”, with the main purpose being to aid a person with minimal Hebrew training in following the Hebrew leyning word for word.) This translation is based on Everett Fox’s The Five of Moses (Schocken 1997) with modifications based on the following translations: Aryeh Kaplan ‘The Living Torah’, the Stone Edition Tanach, The Artscroll Machzor, and The Jersualem Bible.

This is a partial Torah reading. The full Torah reading in the annual cycle spans Genesis 6:9-11:32.


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