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Complete List of Siddurim, &c. (sorted alphabetically)
A list of all the siddurim, maḥzorim, birkonim, haggadot, etc., scanned (imaged) and shared through the Open Siddur Project, sorted alphabetically.

These are essentially compilations (macroforms) of individual prayers (microforms) arranged liturgically, or else as anthologies of prayers for special use paraliturgically, from the pulpit, at home or otherwise outside the synagogue.

Imaging these printed works is the first step in their decompilation, in order to transcribe and make the individual prayers available as machine-readable, indexed and searchable, and copy/paste-able texts. Additional works that do not yet have a page on opensiddur.org may be available from our account at the Internet Archive.

If you have a siddur you would like to share, or a transcription or translation of a historic work you would like to contribute, please do — and thank you.



List of Compilations