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This is an archive of guides compiled for celebrating Mimouna with prayer, propitious rituals, and shared highly symbolic foods. Mimouna occurs on the day after the celebration of the crossing of the Sea of Reeds, the day the Israelites had the good fortune of collecting the treasure of Pharaoh’s decorated army as it washed up on the eastern shore of the Sea of Reeds. According to the Mekhilta de Rebbi Yishmael, the plunder of the Egyptian army on the banks of the Sea of Reeds was greater than what was taken out from the land of Egypt during the plague of darkness (Lauterbach, Mekhilta 1:106 (Pishka 13); Epstein and Melamed, Mekhilta 32 (Bo 12:35-36)). The traditional holiday greeting on Mimouna, “Tarbakhu u-tsa’adu,” means, “May you have success and good luck.”

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🗐 סדר מימונה | Seder Mimounah