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☞   Ketubot & other Shtarot (Documents)

This is an archive of shtarot — documents officiated under the authority of a beit din and/or authorized witnesses, determining ones status as married or simply as a member of the community of children of Yisrael.

Click here to contribute a document you prepared or had prepared with the specialized language suitable for others on such profound occasions.

Looking for something else?

For prayer composed for, or relevant to, engagements and wedding days, visit here.

For public readings on the shabbat following a wedding, Shabbat Ḳallah, go here.

שטר ברית | Shtar Brit – Covenant for a Brit Ahuvim wedding, by Rebecca Ennen and Ari Weisbard

תעודת גירות | Certificate of Conversion template for adults (Hebrew-English and gender-neutral), by Rabbi Jonah Rank

שטרות לקישור נפשות | Documents for a Marriage from One Soulmate to Another by Raysh Weiss and Jonah Rank

Teshuvah on Ketubbah Where Woman Acquires Man, by Rabbi Jonah Rank

Gender Neutralizing Ketubbah with Instructions by Jonah Rank and Raysh Weiss

Fully Egalitarian Ketubah from Naomi & Beverly Socher-Lerner’s Wedding