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Yom ha-Atsma’ut (5 Iyyar)

This is an archive of prayers composed for, or relevant to, Yom ha-Atsma’ut, celebrating the State of Israel’s national day of Independence. The day is recognized on the 5th of Iyyar but it may be commemorated one or two days before or after the 5th of Iyar on years when it falls adjacent to Shabbat.

If you have composed a prayer or prayer-poem for Yom ha-Atsma’ut, please share it here.

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For public readings selected for Yom ha-Atsma’ut, go here.

For prayers offered for the well-being of the State of Israel, please visit here.

Prayer on the 75th Anniversary of the Founding of the State of Israel for North American Jews, by Rabbi Ayelet Cohen (T’ruah 2023)

מָעוֹז צוּר | Maoz Tsur for Yom ha-Atsma’ut, a complete poetic translation with an added stanza for the State of Israel’s Independence Day by Isaac Gantwerk Mayer

על הניסים ביום העצמאות | Al haNissim on Yom ha-Atsma’ut, by Rabbi Yehoyada Amir

עַל הַנִּסִּים בִּימֵי הוֹדָיָה לְאֻמִּיִּים | Al haNissim prayer on Civic Days of Patriotic Gratitude, by Aharon Varady

על הניסים ליום העצמאות | Al haNissim on the State of Israel’s Independence Day, by Josh Weinberg

על הניסים ליום העצמאות | Al haNissim for Yom ha-Atsma’ut, by Amos Ḥakham (2012)

על הניסים ליום העצמאות | Al haNissim for Yom ha-Atsma’ut, by Dr. Avi Shmidman and Rabbi Ben-Tzion Spitz (2009)

על הניסים ליום העצמאות | Al Hanissim for Yom ha-Atsma’ut: Theological & Liturgical Reflections, by Yehonatan Chipman (2003)

Prayer for the Success of the Conference on Palestine Convened by His Majesty’s Government (Office of the Chief Rabbi of the British Empire, 19 February 1939)

שיר האמונה | Song of Faith, by Rabbi Avraham Yitsḥaq haKohen Ḳooḳ (ca. 1919)

בִּרְכַּת עָם (תֶחֱזַקְנָה)‏ | The People’s Blessing (a/k/a Teḥezaqnah), by Ḥayyim Naḥman Bialik (1894)

הַתִּקְוָה | Hatiḳvah (the Hope), by Naphtali Herz Imber (1878)