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☞   Sheva b’Adar

This is an archive of prayers composed for the fast of the seventh of Adar, a commemoration of the day of the death of Mosheh Rabbeinu.

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For public readings selected for Sheva b’Adar, go here.

Meditations on the Life of Moses, Our Great Legislator, Appointed for the 7th Adar, the Anniversary of his Death, by Marcus Heinrich Bresslau (1852)

צָעֲקָה יוֹכֶבֶד | Tsa’akah Yokheved, a piyyut attributed to Shmuel Shlomo (before 1050 CE)

חׇנֵּנוּ יָהּ חׇנֵּנוּ | Ḥonenu Yah Ḥonenu (Forgive Us Yah in the Merit of Moshe Rabbenu), by the Ben Ish Ḥai (ca. 19th c.)