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This is an archive of prayers composed for Tsom Gedalyahu (the Fast of Gedaliah), occurring on the day after Rosh haShanah, memorializing the tragedy of the assassination by fellow Jews of Gedalyah, the last remaining governor of the kingdom of Judah, and with him, the end of self-government of the Jewish people following the destruction and exile initiated by the neo-Babylonian empire in the 6th century BCE.

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For public readings prepared for Tsom Gedalyahu, visit here.

תפילה למי שצריך לאכול בימי צום | Prayer for those who need to eat on fast days (A Mitzvah to Eat, 2022)

תַּֽמּוּ חֲלוֹמוֹתֵֽינוּ | Tamu Ḥalomotenu, a seliḥah for Yitsḥaq Rabin by Isaac Gantwerk Mayer

Am Todestage des Gedaljahu. Ẓom Gedalja | [Prayer] on the Day of the Assassination of Gedalyahu (צוֹם גְּדַלְיָה), by Yehoshua Heshil Miro (1829)

סליחות לצום גדליה | Seliḥot for Tsom Gedalyah, translated by David Asher

אבלה נפשי | Avlah Nafshi (My soul mourns), a seliḥah for Tsom Gedalyah attributed to Rav Saadia Gaon (10th c.)

תהלים ק״כ | Psalms 120 for the Fast of Gedalyah, translated by Isaac Gantwerk Mayer